Big Poliedric White


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Everything around us is made up of elements united by geometric perfection. We play and experiment with the natural beauty of lines that adapt to any occasion.

The Poliedric collection is composed of polyhedrons and platonic solids where we have integrate the innovation of technology with the organic forms that abound in nature. Adapt them to your skin and body shapes, allow yourself to explore their versatility and freshness.

This collection combines 3d printing design processes with handcrafted colored porcelain reproduction processes. All our pieces are carefully set in anti allergic brass and silver 18k gold plated trims.

Our pieces are created and designed by hand, with care and love through continuous experimentation. We believe in a type of craftsmanship where the body and its capacities are the measure of its production, designing objects for a specific audience. Our creations are not considered to be above their surroundings, but working for them, generously caring, communicating and enriching tradition.